SqwishMe Loves Rainbow Cushions

Posted on July 05 2018

SqwishMe Loves Rainbow Cushions

5 Reasons why we love rainbow cushions

1) They make our super comfy SqwishMe seating just that little bit extra cosy.

2) If you want to keep your seating plain, they are a great way of adding a pop of pattern.

3) Two of our cushions can be personalised which makes them a fabulous gift for any child.

4) Dinotrux can sometimes get a bit scary, a cushion is essential for hiding behind.

5) When they've been playing all day and just need to flop, where better to rest their little heads (and yours too!).

Why we sell rainbow cushions

Cushions and sofas are like cheese and pickle, one is just so much better when you have the other. From the very beginning Vicky and I knew we wanted to include cushions on the SqwishMe site, as part of our vision of creating a cohesive collection of playroom accessories which complement our seating. 

Making plain ones from the same fabric as our seats was straightforward but even though we have over 300 colours to choose from, we also wanted to offer something a bit more exciting. I looked around and my eyes came to rest on our large wall planner - an essential item when you have four children and a husband with the memory of a goldfish - and I knew instantly where to go. 

Who makes the rainbow cushions

The wonderfully talented halfpinthome do.  After the wall planner I bought a personalised rainbow cushion for Heidi, being number 4 you don't get much that's just yours! Vicky and I were very impressed and got in touch. Luckily for us they not only came on board but have also designed two brand new cushions, especially for SqwishMe - the spotty bug and personalised starburst. 

Why choose a rainbow cushion

All the cushions we sell, are lovingly hand made in the UK. They are just the right size for little heads and backs, and most importantly they bring beautiful pops of colour to any kids playroom or children's bedroom. They have also been vigorously tested by all of our 6 children, who give them a definitive thumbs up.

 That's why we at SqwishMe love rainbow cushions and we're sure you will too.

Helen & Vicky x


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