SqwishMe Loves Teepees

Posted on June 28 2018

SqwishMe Loves Teepees

5 Reasons why we love teepees

1) They make a great focal point in a room, an instant play area.

2) All kids love making dens and a teepee works much better than a blanket draped over two chairs!

3) They promote imagination, one day it's a cave, next it's a house.

4) Take them outside on a sunny day and you've got a ready made tent.

5) Great for hide and seek, or just hiding in when the kids get too much!

Why we sell teepees

When Vicky and I started to dream about what SqwishMe would be like. We quickly realised that, while our seating was the main focus, we really wanted to put together a whole collection of complimentary products. So that (eventually) SqwishMe could become a one-stop shop for decorating your child's play space.

We knew that with 7 children between us (only one at school!) we had to be realistic about how much we could make ourselves (or let's be truthful, how much Vicky could make herself - I can just about run up a basic curtain, suitable only for my kids to see). We therefore drew up a hit list and set about finding like minded makers who were prepared to take a punt on us.

After our own kid's experiences of teepees - we have both spent many an hour having tea parties, pretending we're camping and making dens - we agreed that they were an essential playroom item.

Who makes the teepees

The wonderful makers at LoveKeepCreate. Back in March, Vicky and I went to our first trade fair. It was a bit of a trek to get to and overall pretty disappointing - unless you were in the market for a new buggy. However, just as we were giving up hope, we found LoveKeepCreate's stand and there were the most perfect, rainbow rain teepees. Our hearts instantly lifted and we set about selling our vision. 

Why choose a rainbow rain teepee

They are by far the best quality teepee we have come across. The fabric is weighty and soft to the touch. The design is beautiful and gender neutral, we especially loved the contrast between the gentle rain cloud and bold rainbow stripe. They are generously proportioned, come with handy door ties and a cute little window in the back. All the teepees are hand made in the UK and can be personalised. They are also super easy to put up.

So there you go, that was our teepee love story, what's yours?

Helen & Vicky x



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