About us


Whilst renovating her house, SqwishMe Founder Helen Forbes searched tirelessly for the right furniture for her four children’s new playroom. Having spent a long time designing all aspects of the project she was looking for something which was not only practical – a place where the whole family could relax and play – but also in keeping with the rest of the house’s style. Having not found anything that ticked all the boxes, and encouraged by her husband, Rob, Helen proposed the idea of designing their own to friend Vicky Campbell. Vicky, after 15 years working in knitwear design, was equally captivated by the idea and the journey began.

The two founders, quickly agreed their guiding principles:

  • Made in the UK;
  • Comfortable and attractive for both children and adults;
  • Built to last;
  • No compromise on the quality of materials.

 With these in mind Helen and Vicky sought out the expertise of a small team in South Wales. The area has a rich history of furniture making, and on witnessing the care and attention each piece is given they knew they had found the right fit. Next came sourcing the fabric. Here Vicky brought all her expertise from the fashion industry, meticulously testing each sample until, like Goldilocks, the perfect blend of softness, robustness, practicality and range of colours was ultimately discovered. Finally, the two set about designing the seats. Helen and Vicky have 7 children between them so liked the idea of creating something modular which, allows flexibility in design, the ability to grow, accommodates larger families (and friends), and allows multiple colours, reflecting the playful nature of the spaces they were designing for.

By combining all of these elements Helen and Vicky have created a range of products which they are immensely proud of. They fulfil all of the principals they established and have been rigorously tested by, and are named after, their own tribe.

While their design focus has been on the SqwishMe seats. Helen and Vicky were clear from the outset that their vision extended beyond just furniture. They wanted to curate a collection of complimentary products and, in particular, are passionate about showcasing other small, independent brands, which share their same attention to detail and love.