All our seating is also now available in a fantastic range of stain-resistant faux suede and velvet: we are in the process of updating the website so please drop us a line at for more information.

Large Kids Corner Sofa



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If you're looking for a real showstopper, the ultimate in kids sofas, then look no further than our large corner sofa.  

With plenty of space for even the tallest of adults to stretch out on, our large corner sofa combines the Heath and Heidi ends with an Otis corner and a Tilly chair in the middle. As all our seats are modular and secured underneath this can be either a left or right hand corner. Beware with this much space you'll be inundated with playroom visitors! 

Have we convinced you? Here are the finer details...

What colour to choose...that's a tough one. We have over 300 to choose from. We have showcased a selection on our colours page. We also offer a free sample and colour matching service, just drop us a line at 

Now the cover...all SqwishMe seats are available in fitted or loose covers. If you have really little ones who are prone to the occasional spillage or expressionist artwork, we would recommend buying a loose cover, which can be whipped off, sent to the local dry cleaners and return good as new. You also have the bonus of being able to change it in the future if the room needs a bit of refreshing. Alternatively our fitted covers look super smart, can be protected with a barrier spray and lightly spot cleaned. 

Dimensions: 200cm wide (long end), 136cm wide (short end), 64cm deep, 54cm high

Our seats are hand made and ready for delivery within 7 weeks of ordering.

Shipping to UK mainland addresses is £45 per order.

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